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Cosmetic Dentistry - Professional Teeth Whitening


ZOOM! in the office Whitening!
Per arch (reg $250)
Only valid with coupon, NOT VALID with third party payment or other offers. Please notify of coupon upon scheduling an appointment.

Have you been wanting a brighter whiter smile? When looking in the mirror, do your teeth seem to be more yellow than they used to be?

Your smile one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. Professional teeth whitening in our Herndon dental office can give you a whiter, brighter smile, that can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression.

Discolored or stained teeth are commonly caused by:

  • Drinking red wine
  • Regularly drinking coffee or tea
  • Smoking

Others find that their teeth have yellowed with no apparent cause. With the popularity of many retail at-home teeth whitening offerings, you may be wondering about the differences between retail and professional teeth whitening.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening:

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Results

With laser teeth whitening, Dr. Ho applies a special gel that is spread on the teeth to absorb laser light energy. This laser penetrates the tooth enamel, increasing the whitening effect. With either in-office method, the process usually takes about an hour, depending on the severity of discoloration. Unlike the weeks-long process of using an at-home teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening by our Herndon dentists offers immediate results. The results do vary from patient to patient, although most people find that their teeth are six to ten shades lighter after the treatment.

During your consultation, our cosmetic dentists will talk with each patient to determine which are the best professional teeth whiteners for your smile.

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If you have any questions on professional teeth whitening, please refer to our Learning Center section of our web site, or for scheduling inquiries or if we can be of service, please feel free to contact our Herndon dental office, and a member of our team will be glad to help.